Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Ways To Monetize Your Twitter Accounts

Sponsored Tweets

To be a member of Sponsored Tweets your Twitter account has to be 4 months old and have 200 followers to be visible to advertisers and receive offers. The more followers you have the more you can potentially earn. They will show you every paid tweet statistic. Sponsored Tweets also offers you an option to specify the Ad Unit Type, it is essentially about who should write the content of your tweets. Whenever you accept an opportunity and complete it, you get paid. You can withdraw the money once you hit $50.



TwittAd is a service in which an advertiser buys an ad-spot on your Twitter account. The rates range from 0.03$ - 0.10 per follower, per month depending on the advertiser.



RevTWT is an advertising network on Twitter. The more followers you have the more money you can possibly make. Your twitter account has to have more than 50 people to be able to sign up.



You have complete control of adCause and what to display and how often you want it to be displayed. You set the price. Also you can set up a percentage of your profits to go to non-profit causes of your choice.



To be a Magpie you must have at least 500 followers, one tweet can instantly get you 1.5$. They'll pay you for access to your Twitter account, and advertisers will pay them for tweets they send out in your name. Control your preferences easily. You can allow them to tweet as much as every other tweet or as little as once in twenty tweets.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Patience Is A Virtue

While the economy is still in a poor state we all search for ways to make extra cash. We all have fallen victim to the online scams and "get rich quick" products that do nothing but make the creators of the product rich and not you. As frustration sets in you begin to wonder if there are any real ways to make money online. Well I have found the way. I have seen many ways to make money using twitter, but I'm going to tell you how I'm making money with it myself.

I'm going to tell you now that it will take a very long time before you see any real big dollars rolling in, but you will see something. With time and effort your earnings will begin to grow exponentially. You have to be patient and analyze your mistakes. You have to constantly look for ways to maximize your profits. I didn't even want to be involved with Twitter a year ago. Then I saw how fast information was being shared.

On Twitter you can tweet about interesting articles you have found and people will read them without hesitation if it has caught their eye. I see users that tweet about nearly anything and have hundreds of followers. When I saw this I thought of an idea. I figured that if I started my own twitter account I too could get people to read the articles I found most interesting and possibly gain more followers. With more followers I have more people to direct to my websites and products of interest. I would post articles about multiple subjects on my profile. That's where I went wrong.

I couldn't get many people to read my articles and the followers just weren't coming like I anticipated. So I thought about what I was doing wrong. I was using only one account where most of my followers were friends. Well I have lots of different friends and they all like different things. I figured maybe I should make another account and target a specific market.

I thought about what markets I could target. So I started with the things that I was most interested in, then I created an account for it. Soon I realized that I wasn't going to have the time to search for multiple articles and post them on all of my accounts. So I tried to find free automation services. This took a long time. There aren't many out there that are worth using.

There were two services that I found that I still use today. The first one was HootSuite. HootSuite is a multi-account platform that you can use to monitor all of your accounts in detail. You can easily research what articles people read most and lots of other statistics that will improve your strategies. Also Hootsuite has RSS feed capabilities giving you a chance to automate your tweets.

Now that I figured out how to automate my tweets, I still needed to make money. I ended up coming across a site called Assetize (now known as Visibli). I can't necessarily remember how I found this site, but it was the only one I trusted to make real money for me. This site allows you to use RSS feeds to post on Twitter and every time somebody clicks the link to read your article, you make a very small amount of money. I used to get discouraged because the amount was so small and I thought "why am I even doing this?"

I ended up realizing that if I continue working at it, I would eventually make good money from twitter. At least I was making something and I was barely doing any work. So I thought about how I can increase my earnings. I eventually saw that the more followers I had on a single account, the more clicks I'd receive. I didn't stop there either. I continued to think of different markets to make Twitter accounts for. It wasn't easy to do this. It took a lot of time to motivate myself to simple create the accounts. Since I knew how much work it would be to monitor all of those accounts.

After about three months I had only made a dollar and I was sick of taking up all of my free time trying to build a real following for each account I had. So I thought to myself, "how can I get more followers and not have to spend all day searching for them?" I searched high and low for free services. I found absolutely nothing. So I decided to suck it up and find a good product that I had to pay for.

I eventually found Tweet Adder. A form of software that automates EVERYTHING. I read everything about it to make sure it could do exactly what I needed it to do (build followers, send auto tweets, RSS feeds, delete followers, etc.). I saw that if I purchased the full lifetime package I'd benefit most. This way I could use all of it's features without constantly paying to upgrade. I thought of it as an investment.

Soon as I applied Tweet Adder to my twitter operation everything began to grow FAST. It did everything I needed it to do. I've been averaging a total of 50 followers a day per account. I know that number will grow exponentially as I continue to analyze, research, and improve my strategies. Now I have more time to research instead of spending so much time trying to find followers and articles to tweet about. Tweet Adder does it all for me.

I still use HootSuite and Visibli. Visibli is my cash cow. If I eliminate it, I can't reinvest it into my operation. Hootsuite is what I use for market research. It has the best click statistic analyzing platform. Also I use it because it makes responding to my followers easy. It would take forever to respond to all my followers with the amount of followers and accounts that I have.

I can certainly say that I have learned a lot doing all of this and it wasn't easy, but I'm making money. Now with more followers I can direct them to my real products. Also be sure not to provide crappy information/products. The things that I post are things that work for me and I believe in them. Never post things that people won't like. That is a fast way to lose followers.

So in conclusion, if you really want to make money with Twitter then you need tenacity and patience. If you have any questions then you can email me at senatorlaw@gmail.com. Also you can email me if you don't have the money to pay for Tweet Adder. I can help you build your following, but you will have to handle the rest. I only ask for a one time payment of $10 per account paid for via Paypal. Stay tuned for more articles that will help you improve your earnings.